Društvo Pleteršnikova domačija Pišece

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The Maks Pleteršnik's house society

Pleteršnik's homestead is located in Pišece, it is very important because of Pleteršnik's memorial collection. Maks Pleteršnik, a Slovene linguist and author of the Slovene-German Dictionary, was born in the house in 1840 and died in 1923.

Tour of Maks Pleteršnik home

Tour of the home is possible every day by prior arrangement at the following telephone numbers:

  • 041 739 143 (Martin Dušič)
  • 031 224 240 (Ivana Zupančič)
  • 07 4 200 80

Or write to us:

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EU Town twinning project United in veriety

25. October 2018

The international event of the European Town Twinning Project: United in Variety has come to an end. There were eight partners that participate with our society- the leading partner, for three days and were located in Pišece and Brežice.



Maks Pleteršnik

The museum collection


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Pleteršnikova domačija Pišece
Pišece 4
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Društvo Pleteršnikova domačija Pišece
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Društvo Pleteršnikova domačija Pišece


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